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Oxy-fuel welding and cutting Plasma cutting Oxy-fuel welding and cutting


We cut steel sheets and panels. We supply the sheets and panels you need for creating your products, because we are steel retailers.

In particular we do the following:
· Oxy-fuel welding and cutting;
· Plasma cutting;
· Auxiliary workings.

To cut the sheets and plates we use CNC machinery (pantographs) with automatic tools that make it possible to optimise all the working phases. We work for third parties (outsourcing).

Why use Sidertaglio Lamiere S.r.l.? Because our company, thanks to its company policy, is among the best realities that can supply sheets/panels and working quickly, optimising at best material scrap and reducing the resulting useless costs.

La Sidertaglio Lamiere S.r.l. does not laser cut.