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On this page is described the way of the site management with reference to user’s personal data processing.
It is the information according to art. 13 of legislative Decree nr. 196/2003 · Code for personal data protection to those who interact with our web services at: which is the home page of the official site.
The information covers only this web site and not also the other web sites visited through links.
The information follows also the law nr. 2/2001 that the european authorities for personal data protection adopted to determine the minumum requirements for on line data collecting, and, in particular, the ways of data handling, nature of informations that people in charge of data processing have to provide to internet users, when they connect to web pages, aside from connection’s purposes.

In consequence of site’s consultation may be processed data, concerning identified or identifiable subjects.
The “Holder” of data processing is Sidertaglio Lamiere S.r.l., Via dell'Agricoltura 9, 36040 Meledo di Sarego, Vicenza, Italia.

All data, linked to this site’s web services are processed by the above mentioned firm’s offices and are used only by people and agents in charge of data processing, belonging to our business and administrative area.
No data coming from the web site is communicated or disseminated. Personal data given by users, to receive advertising material (reports, CD-ROM, catalogues, price lists, replies, documents, etc.) are processed only for the requested services.

Navigation Data
Computer systems and software in control of functioning of this site web get, during their normal work, some personal data, whose transmission is implied in the use of Internet Protocols.
They are information collected to be associated to the interested subjects, but for their nature, they may permit to identify the users through elaboration of data holded by a third party.
In this category of data are included IP adresses or Domain Name used from users to connect to this site, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) adresses, time of request, way of requesting to server, file dimension, digital code showing the answer given by server (succes, error, etc.) and other parameters referred to system and visitor’s system.
Data may be utilized to verify responsabilities in case of hypothetical crimes against this site: unless this event, data do not persist more than 7 days on web.

Data given voluntarily from user
The optional sending of e-mail to, on this site mentioned adresses, will involve the acquisition of the sender’s adress, indispensable to answer the requests and also to other personal data included in the message.
This information may be integrated with further informations referred to particular web services.

We do not utilize cookies for personal data transmission and also we do not use the so called persistent cookies or systems for user’s lay-out. The use of session cookies ( that are not permanently stored on the user’s PC and disappear after the browser’s closing) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (random numbers generated by server) needed to let the site exploration protected and efficient.
The session cookies utilized in this site avoid the recourse to other information technologies, that may be prejudicial to the confidential nature of user’s site navigation and that do not allow the collection of user’ s personal data.

Except for data, the user is free to give or not his/her personal data.
Their non-awarding may involve the impossibility to obtain what requested.

Data are processed with automatized tools only for the time needed.
Peculiar safety measures are observed to avoid the data loss, illegitimate or unproper use and unauthorized accesses.

A data subject shall have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him exist, and to know the content and the source, to have the data updating, data integration or correction (see art. 7 of D. Lgs 196/2003).
In accordance to the same article he/she has the right to ask for the data crossing out, change to remain anonymous or the data block in case of breach of the law and also to object to his data processing, for rightful reasons.

The requests must be adressed to the holder or the person in charge of data processing:
Sidertaglio Lamiere S.r.l., Via dell'Agricoltura 9, 36040 Meledo di Sarego, Vicenza, Italia.
Phone + 39 0444 823 059, fax + 39 0444 823 364, e-mail:

This notice represents the site’s “Privacy policy” and it will be liable to updating.

Sidertaglio Lamiere S.r.l. continually reviews the content of its web site the, information on the web site is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranty of suitability or fitness for any particular purpose.
Sidertaglio Lamiere S.r.l. believes the information provided on the web site is accurate however errors or inaccuracies may be included and Sidertaglio Lamiere S.r.l. does not accept any liability for such errors or inaccuracies.