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Structural steel S355JR Structural steel S355J2 Structural steel S275JR


Sidertaglio Lamiere s.r.l. has an extremely efficient sales network that is continually expanding. It allows the company to follow faithful clients constantly and professionally, and recommend and support those who become our clients in the best way possible.

Sidertaglio has a storehouse that sells metal plates with the following gauges:
∙ from 10 mm to 600 mm for structural steel;
∙ from 8 mm to 250 mm for sheet steel;
∙ from 6 mm to 120 mm for abrasion resistant
∙ from 6 mm to 120 mm for high elastic limit

Our availability means that we can:
∙ deliver quickly;
∙ offer a wide range of products;
∙ offer a wide range of whole or cut-to-size